Saturday, May 30, 2009

One more week!

Just one more week before my husband is here to move me back home! I have a lot of packing/cleaning to do, and things to finish up in my lab and classes that I am teaching, but every day is closer to being home! In the meantime, here are a few more amigurumi dolls, including an original design.

"Inky" from

Cute little frog, and I think I may give him away as a gift to someone. I found some pictures on twitter of amigurumi sea turtles, so I will also have to try one of those out soon.
This design is also from

An original design! The ET looking fellow below was inspired by Inky. I really liked the round head with far-apart eyes, so I made a little man (alien?) based on it. He is a little wobbly, but very cute: any ideas for a name?

My plants have been growing like crazy! And now I think they need a bigger planter box. Hopefully they don't grow too much before I can get back home and replant them in something bigger. The picture below is of the five yellow squash plants.
Tomato plants that are crowding each other! At least they are cherry tomatoes...

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