Sunday, May 24, 2009

My husband sent me flowers! This was such a nice surprise, and he even included a heart-felt note. I hope they last as long as possible, and I am so excited to move back! Only 13 more days.

For the past quarter I have been trying to grow some herbs and vegetables on the balcony of my apartment. It only gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, in the morning, but I think they may be doing okay so far. The above picture was about 3 weeks ago.

And this is what they look like now! I have 4 cherry tomato, 3 basil, about 6 cilantro, 5 yellow squash, and 7 cucumber plants! I finally thinned them out this morning, so the cucumbers in the picture above are now singles. I hate having to thin the plants, even though I know they won't grow well without it. In between the cucumber plants, I scattered a mix of seeds that will eventually be green and purple. That is all I can tell you, since I have forgotten exactly what kind of flower seeds they were! But at least they seem to be growing.

Here is the finished giraffe, along with a few of his buddies. I am working on a purple octopus now, and he should be up in a few days.

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