Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of freedom!

Yesterday I got the call to let me know that I could start my new (old) job on Monday. Which meant that I had exactly less than two days of freedom before I had to jump into a 40/hr/wk routine again. So what did I do?
  • Spent the day in pjs, until just before J came home.
  • Watched the entire, 5 episode long, Torchwood: Children of the Earth mini-series (which I highly recommend, by the way)
  • Continued to crochet my granny-square blanket (stay tuned for pics as soon as camera battery is charged)
  • Made freezer jam, both strawberry and cherry varieties.

I think I will miss the days at home where I could decide: "I think I will try to make bread by hand today and not bathe, either." Oo! Actually, I will have Sundays and Mondays off this time 'round, so that will give me Mondays to myself where I CAN lay around all day thinking of new pillows to knit or toys to crochet. Not too bad, then.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flying puppies

Our dog Wally (full name Wallace) has become obsessed with the game 'fetch'. This is funny because, when we were first training him, he wouldn't fetch anything, no matter what treats we bribed him with. Jay would throw the ball, and Wally would either 1) look at us like we were crazy for throwing his toy away from him, or 2) run after the ball to look at it, then run back to us, sans ball, but very excited nonetheless.

However, since he has reached his full size, (see top picture below, he is the long-hair with the blue collar), he has not only learned how to fetch, but it has become the only thing he ever wants to do, sometimes to the point of physical exhaustion. We spent last weekend visiting my in-law's pool (100 degree weather and our air conditioning was out) and playing fetch with Wally in the pool. He has become quite fearless of the pool and chases his ball into it every single time we throw it, which you can see in the picture of our flying puppy.

These two photos are from our first few weeks with Wally. I just thought they were cute. I miss how fuzzy he was and little. I don't miss the constant "potty-watch" though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crochet updates

Bunny is not for sale...yet. I haven't yet decided to sell him. His face is a little lopsided and he is a sad bunny.

Weiner dog amigurumi. His nose is so long, and it kind of looks like he has a booger sticking out. He isn't for sale, but I will be modifying and trying to come up with a hairy version of the doll.

These three ARE for sale. They are now on Etsy, too, so please check them out. I try to keep prices down, and they are according to the materials/time it takes to make each item.

Baby booties: organic cotton and vintage buttons. I will be making a few sets of these, more if they sell quickly.

Kidney – Urine Good Hands « I Heart Guts

Kidney – Urine Good Hands « I Heart Guts

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I have decided to put some real time into this blog and there is something that all of you can do to help it grow. Please read it regularly and check back each week; or even forward it to a friend who might enjoy it or like the crocheting. This past week I have been developing patterns for quirky, one-of-a-kind dolls and baby booties for the organically minded. That said, I will be putting them on Etsy very soon, once I get them photographed.

Last Saturday I took my husband to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco , and it was so fun to get away from Sacramento's 100 degree temperatures! We got to see so many different vendors (and people), but, unfortunately, we weren't able to purchase everything we loved. Jay was taken with, and I loved the vintage, screen-printed sweaters from I will have to save a few dollars before I can afford a sweater, though.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Etsy Shop up and running!

I know, it has been too long since I have last blogged! Things have been a little hectic around here since I moved back home and started looking for work. But I thought while I wait around the house for interviews and such I would get started trying to sell some items on Etsy. Then I thought I could also make items and sell them too. I only have two handmade items at my shop, to see how they do. If they actually sell, I may start to make more items to try to bring in some extra income. If you have any ideas, let me know!

To catch you up over what I have been doing over the past few weeks, besides looking for job, my husband and I also went on a few trips. We spent our anniversary in the Bahamas at Sandals and went to Yosemite for a weekend with his family last weekend. The photos below are from those trips.