Tuesday, May 19, 2009

After I took this photo, I realized it looked sort of morbid, in that Frankenstein's monster, sort-of-way. This will be a giraffe once I am finished with the arms, mouth, and mini-horns. He is turning out pretty cute! You can find this one on www.LionBrand.com if you want to crochet it yourself. It is super easy.

I actually designed the bear below. My first attempt had a head that was too small to be cute, so I started over with a larger head. The mouth almost looked like a pig's snout, but I think I was able to save it, with the results below. He looks contemplative, so I positioned him gazing outside, thinking about finally moving home in early June. Or was that me, thinking about that?

This picture reminds me of my puppy, Wallace, when he wants some attention. He is the same color, too. I miss him.

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