Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flying puppies

Our dog Wally (full name Wallace) has become obsessed with the game 'fetch'. This is funny because, when we were first training him, he wouldn't fetch anything, no matter what treats we bribed him with. Jay would throw the ball, and Wally would either 1) look at us like we were crazy for throwing his toy away from him, or 2) run after the ball to look at it, then run back to us, sans ball, but very excited nonetheless.

However, since he has reached his full size, (see top picture below, he is the long-hair with the blue collar), he has not only learned how to fetch, but it has become the only thing he ever wants to do, sometimes to the point of physical exhaustion. We spent last weekend visiting my in-law's pool (100 degree weather and our air conditioning was out) and playing fetch with Wally in the pool. He has become quite fearless of the pool and chases his ball into it every single time we throw it, which you can see in the picture of our flying puppy.

These two photos are from our first few weeks with Wally. I just thought they were cute. I miss how fuzzy he was and little. I don't miss the constant "potty-watch" though.

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