Thursday, June 23, 2011

Counting down....

Started maternity leave just as the weather turned a bit hot for my taste. Sacramento had been blessed with a long winter/spring, so summer didn't really show up until last week, and I wasn't the only one it caught by surprise. Our potted plants (that aren't on the drip irrigators) suffered and hopefully will recover with some extra attention and shade. While they shriveled up, my ankles swelled so much that only wide flip flops will fit me anymore. My feet even have dimples. Not so cute on the feet.

End of this week will be my 37th week of pregnancy. So, in theory, we have about 3 more weeks to go, but I figure I will go over my due date by up to a week. Might as well not get my hopes up for an "on-time" baby. In the meantime, I am trying to get some sleep, which has not been easy. My body temp seems to skyrocket as soon as I lie down, and last week I got my TDap vaccination, which has resulted in a ton of shoulder/arm pain, especially when I lie down. I've heard that it can take two weeks to go away, so here's hoping. I don't even want to think about lifting a baby with that arm while sleep deprived and cranky. I stupidly got the shot in my right arm, too, on advice of the RN (I mostly sleep on my left side, but now I can't lift anything with my right arm).

I have also been trying to get the house ready for baby, and doing the typical laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. Been doing a little bit of knitting/crochet too, since I figure I won't have the time once baby is here, so I will post photos of that soon.

Also, I think I am going to concentrate more on knitting/crochet/gardening/projects for this blog. I didn't really have the intention to become a "mommy-blogger" when I started this blog (no offense to those who are; I have discovered much valuable information from mommy-blogs), but I personally enjoy the diy/craft blogs much more.

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