Thursday, February 25, 2010


Witness me in my uber-nerdy outfit! Since I don't ski/snowboard/or hang out in the snow very often, I just have a snow bib I found in the kids' section at Sears and a boys' waterproof jacket. What is the point of buying expensive, trendy stuff if you only wear it once or twice a year? Anyhows, I kept plenty warm and dry. Jay got a little moist and bruised, but we had a blast. As you can see, the weather was perfect. This was the day right before a big storm came through.

I really liked this picture of Jay. He looks like one of those jack-ass skiing jocks from an 80's movie....
Yes! I could stay upright the entire ride down! We even mastered the chair lift (after only one extremely embarrassing fall when the operator had to stop the lift so I could move my fat ass)!
I do, however, snowboard in a weird, squatting, position. Oh well.

I think Jay was very tired here. He fell on his ass a lot.

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