Saturday, August 1, 2009


After visiting some of my favorite blogs, I was inspired to make a granny-square blanket. Attic24's ( use of color was so pretty, that I tried to imitate it with the yarn that I could afford (acrylics, but soft ones from LionBrand) before I start work again. I really like how the individual squares look, and I think the light pink is my favorite color: it looks very antique-y. I have started to put them together and outline them in lilac, but I am unsure which color to use on top of the lilac.....pale blue? another purple?

My squares, once joined into groups of four, also look a little wonky. I hope this is normal and will start to go away once I add more yarn and start connecting even more of them together.

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  1. oooo your colours are so pretty and summery, its going to look fabulous as it grows.
    For the next round I would either do pale blue or perhaps just pick random colours?
    Re the need to block your blocks out before you do the final joining round. I made a post about blocking mine, if you want to read more::

    Its been lovely to see your BB in progress, thanks for sharing xxxxxxxxxxxxx